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Lawn Masters offers homeowners comprehensive lawn management and lawn care services. Our lawn services begin in April and go until the conclusion of the growth season in November.
Our locally owned and managed lawn care company is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations for their property while minimizing pesticide use.
At Lawn Masters, a dedicated lawn care specialist will collaborate with homeowners to help them realize their vision for the lawn of their dreams.
We also offer lawn improvements, yard cleaning, interlock sealing, and snow removal to keep your property looking fantastic all year.

Lawn Mowing

We provide professional weekly lawn maintenance for residential customers. We start by mowing any places that can be safely mowed. We then trim all of the spots that the mower can’t reach. Edging all areas where the grass meets a solid surface ensures a neat appearance. Grass clippings are blown off all walkways, […]

Our Services

Planters, Annuals and Bulbs

Planters done correctly offer a touch of class to a house or business's front, eliciting praise from both guests and...
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Pressure Washing

Do you want to make your home the best it can be? Consider utilizing our high-pressure cleaning services. By power...
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Interlock Sealing

Blemishes may form on your walkway, driveway, or patio interlock surfaces over time. Interlocking driveways and stone surfaces may be...
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Snow Removal

Lawn Masters Peel is ready to help if you need residential snow removal and ice melting services in and around...
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Lawn & Interlock Weed Control

A few weeds don't generally take long to develop into an unmanageable problem that takes over your yard. The first...
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Sod Installation

Lawn Masters Peel provides sod installation services. While installing sod is more expensive than planting grass seed, sod provides an...
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Mulch Installation

Installing mulch is a key step toward improved property maintenance. Mulching helps to keep weeds at bay, conserves moisture, and...
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Detaching & over seeding

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, leaves, and roots that accumulates on the top of the soil and the...
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Pruning & Hedging

To preserve a desirable aesthetic and general health, all ornamental trees and shrubs must be pruned and trimmed at some...
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Spring & Fall Cleanups

Cleaning up your yard in the spring and fall is a big job that is important to keep your grass...
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For nearly two years, I've been using Lawn Masters Peel. It all began with simple yard cleaning and, more recently, sod installation. Chris delivered an excellent service at a fair price each time. He's also helped me with snow removal and is a professional who completes tasks in a timely manner. I cannot recommend this company enough.
Darren H.
I requested a quote from Chris. As promised, he arrived the next day. He gave me an acceptable quote, and after some negotiating, we came to an agreement. He completed a spring cleaning for me and was thorough with my property. He cleaned up my yard and made my lawn ready for the coming summer. He takes his time and does not make mistakes that other landscapers do. He's a straightforward, courteous man who knows his stuff.
James Ball.
I cannot praise this service highly enough. We've used a lot of lawn care services over the years, but nothing compares to Lawn Masters. They really care about the service they are providing and really care about your lawn and that the customer is totally satisfied. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Maria Lam.

Why Choose Us?


At Lawn Masters, we are a local team providing high-quality service. We believe that developing long-term connections with our clients is the most valuable and rewarding component of our business.

We are dependable and dedicated to landscape maintenance. Our objective is to give a high-quality product at a reasonable price, enhancing the beauty and value of our clients’ properties while maintaining a personal and long-term connection.
Our customers always come first. We guarantee to handle your property with care, respect your privacy, and to always greet you with a smile.